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Terms and conditions

Shop operator

The operator of the Medcentrum websites is Pears Health Cyber, s.r.o.

Billing address
Pears Health Cyber, s.r.o.,
Dělnická 213/12
170 00 Praha 7
Company ID: 25784684
VAT-No.: CZ25784684. 00.

Technology Center
Pears Health Cyber, s.r.o.,
Fibichova 41
537 01 Chrudim
Gsm: + 420 724 600 740
Fax: +420 469 620 414

Delivery terms

We offer you two delivery options:

  • Czech Post
  • DHL courier service
We ship parcels only within EU, excluding islands. The delivery period is 2-5 days with DHL and 4-10 days with Czech Post.
The postage fee is calculated automatically depending on target country tariff and the weight of the parcel. You can see the exact fee according to these parametres in step 2 Delivery in the shopping basket.

If a delivery service fails to deliver the parcel in target country to a customer, especially in case of faulty address, customer's unavailability or any other local circumstances, we reserve the right to claim all the fees related to the expedition and shipment of the parcel on customer's account.

Payment possibilities

You can pay for the goods by bank transfer.
The goods will be sent to you after you have paid the relevant amount. Please mention the order number in the message for the recipient (payment purpose). You will speed up the dispatch of your shipment.

IBAN: CZ5555000000001620432044
Account name: PHC, Delnicka 213/12, 170 00 Praha 7
Bank: Raiffeisenbank a.s., Prague, Czech republic
Payment purpose: Goods


Provided your goods is damaged or is not in order, do not hesitate and contact us at

Problem solutions

If you cannot put more goods in your shopping bag, it is possible that:
  • your browser does not support cookies. In order to enable cookies in your Internet Explorer browser, use the menu: Tools > Internet Options > General or Specify based on your browser version.
  • it is necessary to delete a respective cookie file of our shop from your hard disk, then you will put your shopping bag in an initial status. In order to remove a cookie of our shop, proceed as follows (Internet Explorer): - open the directory of temporary Internet files (you will find out its location by means of Settings > Internet options (General, Temporary Internet files) > Settings > Current location of the directory of temporary Internet files). The file should be called Cookie:

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