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DACOM PHARMA Carbofit 60 tobolek

Natural activated charcoal, intended for special nutrition.

Manufacturer: DACOM Pharma s.r.o.

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DACOM PHARMA Carbofit 60 tobolek

Description of product DACOM PHARMA Carbofit 60 tobolek

What is Carkll® good for?
It is suitable mainly for cleansing the body. Our organism is polluted, full of various harmful and poisonous substances. We can sometimes hear people say: "I'm fed up with this poisonous atmosphere!" We do not realise how much truth is in this sentence… We are poisoned not only in our minds but also in our bodies. Try to read the ingredients on the packets of some food, especially sweet things. You will find that we eat chemical substances which are poisonous to varying degrees. It is therefore important to rid our bodies of these poisonous substances so that our internal organs can function well. Detoxication - or cleansing the body - should begin before undergoing treatment, especially natural treatment. Some people complain that "such-and-such" natural treatment did not work for them and was not effective. They do not realise, however, that the problem is not in the chosen natural treatment but in the fact that their body is too polluted and the clogged-up bowel villi are unable to process the nutrients, vitamins or minerals received. Studies show that activated charcoal lowers the level of all lipids, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood serum. A study published in Great Britain showed that the level of cholesterol in patients with a high level of cholesterol has been reduced by 25%. This means that if we combine taking CARKLL® with changing our lifestyle, our cholesterol level will be markedly lowered and this will have a positive effect on how long we live.

Who is Carkll® intended for?

  • for all those who want to have their bodies in order
  • for those with indigestion or bowel problems
  • for those who need to remove harmful substances from their bodies

Substances that can be adsorbed by charcoal:
(Cooney, David O. Activated Charcoal. New York: Marcel Dekker, Inc. 1980 p.4)
radiants, nortriptiline, benzine, narcotics, amphetamins, pesticides, morphine, digitalis, phenol, cocaine, phenobarbital, phenolphthalein, opium, strychnine, iodine, penicillin, salicylic acid, arsenic, aspirin, meprobamate, selenium, atropine, chinin, silver, sulfonamids, nicotine, any silver salts, barbiturates, cyanide, and antimony

Does not adsorb:
carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ethane, ethylene, hydrogen, methane; has little effect on alcohol, salt and iron.
Carkll® does not adsorb vitamins and minerals. This has been proven by clinical studies on sheep and rats.
Carkll® probably works on the principle of electrostatic ability of capillaries to absorb toxins but not nutrients. Blood test have shown that no important nutrients had been drained from the body after adding Carkll® to food for half a year.

Carkll® helps to:

  • reduce the level of cholesterol in blood
  • prevent and treat illnesses
  • adsorb toxic (poisonous) substances
  • get rid of bowel flatulence
  • alleviate bowel relaxation (diarrhoea)
  • reat indigestion
  • absorb bacteria in the throat during colds
  • get rid of bad breath (put the powder on your toothbrush and keep it in starch, your mouth for a few minutes; it will also whiten your teeth)

the product consists of only one component - natural activated charcoal.


  • Capsules: 1-2 capsules between meals. Wash down with sufficient amount of water (or tea/juice).
  • Powder: mix 1-2 coffee-spoonfuls in a glass of water. Use in the same way as the capsules. Children can be given settled water - the powder will stay at the bottom, while the molecules of activated charcoal remain in the water itself. For reducing your level of cholesterol, we recommend the following dosage: 1-2 tea-spoonfuls mixed in water, three times a day for two months.

Recommended lenght of usage:
For detoxication and cleansing the body, take 1-2 capsules twice a day for one month. For bowel problems or when unsuitable substances have been consumed, the dosage and the length of usage differs with each individual. When unsuitable (harmful) substances have been consumed, it is recommended to take ten times more Carkll® than the substance eaten. For constipation or unidentified bowel problems, we recommend you mix one flat spoonful of Carkll® in a glass of water and then drink the settled water.

There are practically no known side-effects. However, you should be careful because activated charcoal Carkll® can also adsorb vital substances contained in some medicine (e.g. digitalis). You should first consult your doctor if you are already taking such medicine. We recommend that there should be at least a two-hour interval between taking Carkll® and other medicine.

Product contains:

 in 100 g
Carbon (C)< 90.0 g
Iron (Fe) 69.9 mg
Copper (Cu)1.4 mg
Nickel (Ni)0.6 mg
Chrome (Cr)0.2 mg
Zinc (Zn)0.2 mg
Does not contain: artificial colourings, additives, sugar and preservatives.
Energy: 1.42kJ (334 cal)/capsule

60 gelatine capsules
1 capsule contains 250mg of activated charcoal

In a dry place at room temperature (at temperatures between 0°C and 25°C and at up to 80% humidity).

Always close the lid tight. Carkll® catches poisons from the air as well, and if the bottle is not closed properly its effectiveness is reduced.

Product approved by the Czech Ministry of Health. HEM: 350-18.10.00-42164

Product suitable for diabetics.
Not suitable for children under three years.

Use within two years.

Carkll® - detoxication of the organism, cleansing from harmful and poisonous substances.

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