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DACOM PHARMA Kolagen s vitamínem C + MSM 60 tobolek

A new product – pure crystalline collagen and organically bound sulphur for healthy joints.

Manufacturer: DACOM Pharma s.r.o.

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DACOM PHARMA Kolagen s vitamínem C + MSM 60 tobolek

Description of product DACOM PHARMA Kolagen s vitamínem C + MSM 60 tobolek

MSM = methylsulphonylmethane = organic sulphur. MSM is important for the synthesis of collagen. Its toxicity is the same as that of pure water. It nourishes the joints, protecting them from inflammation and at the same time acting as an antioxidant.

MSM (methylsulphonylmethane) is a compound naturally present in the human body. It is a source of organic sulphur. It is one of the least toxic biological substances. Its toxicity is comparable with that of water. It does not cause any allergic reactions either – on the contrary, it reduces them or even stops them. MSM is often called the "beauty mineral", because it is responsible for the quality of hair, nails and skin.

MSM is also a very important substance for the synthesis of collagen in the joints. Vitamin C must also be present for this reaction to take place properly. (Colafit plus MSM contains Vitamin C as well). MSM together with collagen are very important substances for the regeneration and nourishment of the articular cartilage. For problems with joints, it can remove pain and increase the flexibility of joints. This fact has been proven by the clinical studies which test the benefits of MSM for improving the condition of joints.

MSM has been known for a relatively long time. It was discovered as early as the 1950s, but it is only recently that it has become the focus of attention for doctors, scientists and ordinary users. The latest research has shown very interesting properties in MSM. MSM is not broken down in the body. Its molecule remains complete and in this form takes part in a whole series of important metabolic processes. For example, it combines with very complex compounds, which subsequently remove harmful substances from the body. It is also extremely good at protecting tissues from free radicals, in particular from the oxygen radicals (ROS), which can prevent joints from working properly.

MSM has always been present in the atmosphere. It is formed, for example, during the evaporation of sea water, during volcanic activities and the like. In the past, MSM has always been plentiful in the atmosphere – so why is there suddenly such a shortage of it so that we have to provide our bodies with it in the form of various capsules or pills? The cause of the problem is man and the negative impact of his activities on the environment, especially over the last few years. That is why we have to produce the substances we have destroyed in nature, and give them to the body in the form of food supplements.

And what is the situation in this country? The Czech Republic is an inland country with no evaporation of sea water. We have never had much of volcanic activity either. There is an unconfirmed hypothesis that, before the chimneys were desulphurised, the atmosphere in our country had been literally inundated with sulphur compounds as a result of the extensive presence of heavy industry. Our organism did not have to do anything at all – there was plenty of MSM all around us. After desulphurisation, the amount of sulphur in the atmosphere dropped so drastically that various fungi and bacteria began to appear on plants. These can often destroy entire crops. Another sign of this is the rise in heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, caused by the negative impact of free radicals. This area also includes various joint-related illnesses. These joint-related problems cause many people to suffer from restricted movement and pain, so reducing their quality of life. It is quite rare to meet an elderly person without a stick or crutches.

What are free radicals?
A free radical is an atom or a group of atoms with at least one free electron. Electrons are negatively charged particles. If they are in a pair they do not pose any risk because they form a firm bond. If, however, an electron is not in a pair, it is very reactive and reacts easily with anything that comes its way. Free radicals attack like missiles and break through the walls of a cell. In a human body, this attack starts up a chain reaction, which, in a fraction of a second, can cause great damage if the cell is not protected by a layer of antioxidants. Free radicals can cause cancer, premature aging, diseases of the heart and veins, or serious damage to the immune system. Free radicals are formed as a consequence of polluted environment, excessive X-ray and UV radiation, increased levels of radioactivity, smoking or unhealthy diet.

How can we fight free radicals?
We can change or influence some things, but not others. We can hardly influence the environment or not go out at all to avoid UV radiation from the sun. What we can influence is our diet. There are substances – antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals. They are unique in that their structure contains reactive groups (often the hydroxyl OH-group), which react with free radicals and neutralise them.

What are antioxidants?
The word antioxidant means anti-oxygen (oxidative). Anti-oxidation is a process which is used to slow down or stop oxidative processes. Oxygen is a double-edged sword. You cannot breathe and therefore live without it, but oxygen inside a body is dangerous – it can form so-called free radicals which are very reactive. Antioxidants are a kind of protection for the body against “rusting”. They become armour which protects the fragile nucleus of the cell from the attacks of free radicals.

What is collagen?
This product contains pure crystalline freeze-dried bovine collagen with 99.9% purity. Up to 40% of cartilage is made of collagen. We need a great amount of collagen because up to 50% of protein in the body is made up of collagen. Our organism uses collagen in such a way to avoid harming the main functions of our body. Therefore we should not underestimate the intake of collagen and take seriously even those often inconspicuous signs which tell us that there is something going on in our bodies, for example deterioration in the condition of skin, hair falling out, brittle nails, cracking joints or backache.

Freeze-dried collagen is also interesting for its ability to replenish water from its own resources in the digestive system, where 4mg of freeze-dried collagen (the contents of one capsule) create about 400mg of high-purity collagen gel in the body. Collagen is very important for the proper functioning and construction of articular cartilage, articular capsules, ligaments and skin.

Vitamin C is indispensable for the organism. In addition to its known antioxidant and other properties, it is also necessary for the synthesis of collagen.

60 capsules.

Recommended dosage:
1 capsule twice a day, best morning and evening, always at the same time. Children under three years should take 1 capsule once a day. Best to be taken with pure water. The dosage can be doubled for better results.

Two capsules (a daily dosage) contain:

    1000.0mg of MSM
    60.0mg of Vitamin C
    8.0mg of freeze-dried collagen


  • nourishes joints
  • is a source of high-quality collagen
  • protects from free radicals (antioxidant)
  • nourishes joints and protects them from inflammation
  • nourished the body and provides it with energy
  • improves the vitality of the organism and reduces tiredness
  • naturally regenerates the organism

COLAFIT plus MSM is intended mainly for:

  • people who need nourishment for their joints
  • people who put extra stress on their joints
  • elderly people
  • physically very active people
  • active sportsmen


 per 100 gper a capsule
Vitamin C:5.6g30.0mg
Freeze-dried collagen:0.75g4.0mg
Animal-based protein:0.75g4.0mg
Energy:15.9kJ / 3.7kcal1.51kJ / 0.35kcal

In a dark dry place at room temperature of up to 25°C.

Product approved by the Czech Ministry of Health. HEM - 350 -18.10.02/29330

Product not suitable for children under three years.
Keep out of reach of children!

Weight of contents (60 capsules):

Use within 2 years.

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