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Eucapil 30 ampules

Topical hair care lotion.
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Eucapil 30 ampules

Description of product Eucapil 30 ampules

One ampoule (2 ml) contains isopropyl alcohol, Vitis vinifera (grape seed oil) and fluridil (CAS 260980-89-0).

EUCAPIL™ is a new cosmetic product developed by Biophysica, Inc. of San Diego, California. When applied to the scalp, EUCAPIL™ assists in counteracting the degenerative changes in hair follicles, which ultimately cause hair loss and thinning of the hair stem. EUCAPIL™ is strictly for external, topical use. It is not resorbed into the body and affects only the cutaneous area to which it has been applied. Its mode of action (Fig. 1) is a physiologically appropriate way to affect the degenerative changes of the hair follicles, reduce hair loss and ameliorate the hair quality. EUCAPIL™ has been tested by a university dermatology clinic*, which concluded that daily use of EUCAPIL™ was efficacious in the majority of users, and safe in all, that EUCAPIL™ curtails loss of hair and reverses the thinning of the hair stem. The efficacy of EUCAPIL™ in restoring hair growth depends upon the viability of the remaining hair follicles.

The efficacy of EUCAPIL™´s action depends upon the state of the hair follicles. As time passes, degenerative changes in the follicles negatively affect the retention and health of hair. The later EUCAPIL™ is implemented, the more uncertain renewed hair growth becomes.

The length of the normal hair growth cycle is 3–8 years, or variably shorter for subjects suffering from hair loss. Results from EUCAPIL™ application will depend upon the length of time it is used and the condition of the hair follicles. What can reasonably be expected:

  • Reduction of hair loss may occur in about 4–6 weeks.

  • Hair growth (initially fine or baby hair) and general strengthening of hair may occur after about 5–6 months in those users where the hair follicles are still functional.

EUCAPIL™ is intended for topical use only and is to be applied exclusively on the scalp. Avoid exposure to the eyes. Should the product accidentally enter the eye, flush repeatedly with water. Avoid exposure to strong sun when using topical EUCAPIL™. Sunburn may be exacerbated by EUCAPIL™. EUCAPIL™ users with white hair may experience a slight yellowing. The hue will disappear upon shampooing. For biosafety, EUCAPIL™ was designed to degrade upon exposure to any liquid containing water. Therefore, apply to the scalp only when dry and do not allow contents of ampoule to be exposed to the air for prolonged periods of time prior to use. Contents are flammable: keep away from open flame. Keep out of the reach of children. Not recommended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to become pregnant.

No systemic or local adverse effects have been observed. Upon continuous application of EUCAPIL™ in those users who have a tendency to develop skin afflictions (seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, any skin inflammation), isopropyl alcohol can occasionally

  • but transiently - irritate the skin.

For maximum effectiveness:

  • Apply directly to the affected area of the scalp.

  • Do not apply to damp scalp.

  • Avoid contact with water after application of EUCAPIL™. Thus, wash hair as late as possible after application, to give EUCAPIL™ a maximum chance to work.


  • Carefully snap off the top of the prescored ampoule by applying a minimal amount of force.

  • Place applicator tip on the open ampoule (Fig. 2). Apply in front of a mirror.

  • With the head tilted back to facilitate its distribution and to prevent exposure to the eyes, apply EUCAPIL™ directly to scalp (not to hair). With ampoule in an inverted position, apply in a circular motion while repeatedly squeezing the applicator.

Gently massage into scalp.

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