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Revital Calcmavit effervescent cps. 20

Prevents osteoporosis. Lemon Flavoured.

Manufacturer: VITAR S.R.O.

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Revital Calcmavit effervescent  cps. 20

Description of product Revital Calcmavit effervescent cps. 20

Prevents osteoporosis.
Lemon Flavoured.

Revital Calcmavit is a combined preparation containing minerals and vitamins, serving to prevent the onset of osteoporosis. They effectively support bone growth in growing children, are suitable during illness and reconvalescence, especially after broken bone injuries: Calcium is the basic building block for bones and teeth. Magnesium supports the body's use of calcium. Vitamin B6 serves for the interlinking of collagen fiber in cartilage and bones, within these networks mineral crystals, mainly calcium, are later deposited. Vitamin D3 is necessary for maintaining the mineral balance, influencing the metabolising of calcium in the small intestine and thereby the build-up of minerals, or leaching of minerals from bone tissues. Vitamin K1 plays an important role in the metabolisation of calcium, or the take-up of calcium by bone tissues. Vitamin C performs many functions within the body. As regards osteoporosis prevention, its role is important in the creation of collagen - the material that forms muscle structure, blood vessel tissue, bones and cartilage, giving them strength and flexibility. Apart from aiding in the prevention of osteoporosis, Revital Calcmavit supports the correct functioning of cardiac and circulatory activities, as well as red blood cell formation. It's also important for nervous system functions. It helps in times of stress, increased physical and psychological strain, when wounds are healing, when suffering from colds and when the body is fighting off an infection. It helps to quickly alleviate fatigue.

Active ingredients in 100 ml of drink (Per Tablet)
Vitamin C 300.0 mg
Vitamin B6 9.5 mg
Vitamin D3 5.0 ľg
Vitamin K1 45.0 ľg
Calcium (as Carbonate) 250.0 mg
Magnesium (as Sulphate) 9.0 mg

Energy Value Per Tablet (100 ml): 34.7 (8.14 kcal).
Maximum Daily Dosage: Children over 6 - 1/2 a tablet daily; Adults and children over 12 - 1 tablet.

Suitable for diabetics within the constraints of a diet as prescribed by a physician.

Package: tube with 20 tablets (80 g).

Licences and recommendation:
Licence of the Ministry of Health of the CzR,
no. HEM-350-11.6.98-19988/9.
Licence of the Ministry of Health of the SR, no. Z-6057/92 HE of 24.9.1992 Recommended by the 2nd Clinic of Internal Medicine of the Faculty Hospital in Královské Vinohrady in Prague. Recommended by the National Institute of Public Health - the Centre for Health and the Environment. Recommended by the advisor for diabetology of the National Centre for the Support of Health.

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