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Vincentka - tooth paste with fruit flavour

Tooth paste contining natural minerals cleans and treats at the same time.

Manufacturer: VINCENTKA A.S.

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Vincentka - tooth paste with fruit flavour

Description of product Vincentka - tooth paste with fruit flavour

Tooth paste contining natural minerals cleans and treats at the same time

It has a favourable effect on the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity, it contributes to the healthy state of the gums and protects them from diseases, it avoids the paradontosis occurrence.

Besides an important portion of the Vincentka mineral water concentrate, this tooth paste contains two above standard raw material items :
- Finely ground natural silicates which are responsible for an excellent sensation of clean tooth enamel, they ensure the abrasive effect of the tooth paste (ability of mechanically cleaning the tooth enamel), which is defined by the value 80. The selected silicates ensure at the same time the chemical stability of the tooth paste.
- The desinfection ingredients ensure a lower irritating potential, a wider spectrum of effectivity, maintaining of foamability even in presence of the Vincentka salt.

The resulting composition of this tooth paste, its effect and the experience of the consumer are diametrically different from the overwhelming majority of the tooth pastes.

The Vincentka tooth paste contains :
  • an important portion of natural minerals of the Vincentka medicinal mineral water
  • a mixture of natural fluorides of the medicinal mineral Vincentka water enhancing the resistance against the tooth caries
  • microparticles which effectively help in removing the tooth plaque
  • desodorizating and foaming ingredients

Composition :
Vincentka (concetrate 27%), sorbitol, silica, glycerol, water, flavour, sodium lauryl sulphate, carboxymethyl cellulose, titanium dioxide, menthol, sodium hydroxylmethylglycinate, saccharin.

Vincentka tooth paste with fruit flavour
Content: 95 g
Packing: tube all-plastics laminate with inner aluminum protective layer and membrane on the throat, in paper box
Wrapping : 28 tubes in paper carton
Guarantee period : 24 months from the date of production
EAN code: 8594027250088, 8594027251061 carton

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