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HE-PANOL 50 tablet

Capsules acting favourably on liver functioning.
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HE-PANOL 50 tablet

Description of product HE-PANOL 50 tablet

HE-PANOL® contains complex of substances isolated from seed of the plant Milk thistle, of which the main substance is silymarin. It is used for desirable effect on stabilizing cell membrane of liver cells, further for oxidation inhibiting effect and anti-fibrosis effect. It helps to revitalize liver cells, it stimulates liver regeneration. It normalizes liver functioning when attacked by free / empty radicals and toxic substances. It strengthens defendable ability of liver cells.

Instructions for use:
Capsules acting favourably on liver functioning.

Ingredients: 1 capsule contains:
Silymarin 140 mg (180 mg Cardui mariae fructus extractum siccum/ extract from fruit of the plant Milk thistle with content of Silymarinum et silibinnium 140 mg)

olive oil, gelatine, glycerol, E 171, E 104, E 110

adults 1 capsule 2-3 times daily, wash down with water

Swallow the whole capsule and wash it down with small amount of liquid. Favourable effect will show up in a few days when keeping the dosage. The effect subsides when the intake of this medicament is stopped.
Not suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Not suitable for children.

50 capsules

Side effects:
Medicament itself or its ingredients do not generally cause any side effects.
If any unusual reactions appear, consult your doctor.

Store the capsules in a dry place in temperature 15-25˚C, keep away from light.
Keep out of reach of children!

Medicament does not compensate for any relevant therapy ordered by a doctor. You can inform your doctor that you use HE-PANOL®.
HE-PANOL® is a Czech product, food supplement. Production proceeds under conditions satisfactory for correct production process and modern technology, which insures standard of highest quality.

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Liver diet

    When suffering from liver damage (hepatitis /colloquially jaundice/, infectious glandular fever, hepatic cirrhosis, tumour), certain food restriction is required. Diet is based on strict restriction of intake of certain foods and reduction of fat intake, especially animal fat. Your doctor will advise you regarding your diet. Generally, greasy food is not recommended (greaves, bacon, goose, duck, skin from chicken, fried meals including cheese or vegetables, doughnuts). Preservatives are toxic for liver cells, therefore reduce smoked foods and preserved food (ketchup, mustard). Difficult to digest might be flatulent and aromatic food (yeast dough, sauerkraut, cabbage, cauliflower, radish). When on liver diet, alcohol consumption is forbidden.
    During treatment, keeping composure, diet, vitamins and hepato - protectives are vital. They improve functioning of liver cells and protect them against further damage. Possibility of support and protection is possible thanks to the medicament HE–PANOL®, which contains hepato – protectives silymarin in dose of 140 mg in 1 capsule. Use according to the dosage recommended.

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