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No-Prostal 30 kapslí

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No-Prostal 30 kapslí

Description of product No-Prostal 30 kapslí

NO-PROSTAL® - FOR KEEPING HEALTHY PROSTATE, sold freely at the chemist’s

  • favourably regulates prostate functioning
  • helps with regulating urination
  • relieves
  • strengthens male immunity

1 capsule contains: Serenoae extractum 310 mg (plant extract from serenoa repens) and Tocoferolum aceticum 10 mg (vitamin E), gelatine, glycerol, sorbitol

adults 1 capsule daily, preferably after meal

30 capsules in 1 packaging› 1 packaging for the whole month

NO-PROSTAL® has favourable effect on prostate functioning. Thanks to its ingredients, it brings relief during urination. Each capsule secures 100% RDA of vitamin E. As it also works as a mild aphrodisiac, it is an effective supplement for a man who still wants to be a ‘man’. Its positive impact on prostate will show up in approximately two weeks if used regularly every day. The effect subsides if the intake is discontinued. For examining your prostate symptoms and their monitoring, there is an informational leaflet in each packaging, which contains a NO-PROSTAL® questionnaire form you can fill in.

Serenoa repens (also known as Sabal serulata or Saw palmetto):

    is a small palm with dark, red-black fruit in a form of berries, which grows on the Atlantic coast of North America. The berries contain oil with various fatty acids and phytosterols. The main acids are: capryl acid, lauric acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid and their esters. The main phytosterol is: ß-sitosterol. The extract from the serenoa repens berries shows inhibition (obstruction) for the transformation of testosterone hormone into dihydrogen testosterone, which consequently prevents further increase of prostate tissue, benign hyperplasia of prostate.

    The native Americans already used berries from Serenoa repens as a medicament in the area of genito-urinary system, especially for benign hyperplasia of prostate, inflammation of prostate, impotence and low libido, as mild aphrodisiac. The berries were also recommended to infertile women and menstruation problems.

    Products from Serenoa repens have been on the European market for years. During that time, a wide documentary material has been created, regarding the safety of their use and tolerance. To date, no untoward toxic effects or side effects have been found. The substance is not dangerous on its own or in combination with any food products or medicaments.

    Vitamin E
    It functions as a protective element of cell membranes, antioxidant protecting against free radicals. Its insufficiency shows especially in reproductive system, by impotence. It is present in corny sprouts, eggs and dairy products. It is used for supplementation of vitamins after operations, during recovery periods, stressful periods, and serious illnesses. It is fat-soluble.

The extract for NO-PROSTAL® is gained through pure extraction without chemical ingredients or additives. Thanks to its high content of fatty acids and phytosterols, it belongs to the highest quality products. The production of NO-PROSTAL® capsules proceeds under conditions satisfactory for correct production process and modern technology, which insures standard of highest quality for medicaments production. HEM-350-25.6.01/17679.

NO-PROSTAL® - product welcome by both men and their partners

NO-PROSTAL® - for keeping your prostate healthy

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