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ALLICOR garlic tablets cps.60

Manufacturer: NATURVITA A.S.

Price: € 2,26
€ 1,97 without VAT 15%
ALLICOR garlic tablets cps.60

Description of product ALLICOR garlic tablets cps.60

One package contains: 19,2 g = 60 tablets

Contents of the food supplements:
One tablet contains 150 mg garlic dry matter


  • favourably influences blood pressure and precludes sclerotic alterations in veins
  • has a significant anti-bacterial effect and retards aging
  • it proves effective in prevention of infectioun diseases of respiratory tract and in chronical brontchitis
  • acts as a disinfectant against intestine parasites, is an ideal and natural cure against ascaris and pinworms in children
  • increases secretions of digestive juices

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