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Favourably influences metabolism of blood sugar. Helps maintain normal blood sugar level. Helps promotes healthy pancreatic function.

Manufacturer: HERMEOPA S.R.O.

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Description of product GLUCOSORBEN cps. 60

Gymnema sylvestre 75 % extract 135 mg in 1 gelatine capsule.

Instructions for use: Adults 1 capsule twice a day, children older than 3 years 1 capsule a day. Diabetic patients are recommended to consult your physician before use. It may be combined with insulin administration supporting preparations. The preparation is not intended for children younger than 3. Only regular and consistent use ensures optimal effect of the preparation. Keep at ambient temperature.

Gymnema sylvestre 75% extract as active ingredient contained in GLUCOSORBEN have been used in India for centuries to maintain a normal blood sugar level. Contemporary scientific methods prove the effect and confirme ability of Gymnema sylvestre leave extract to support healthy pancreatic function, likely through stimulated regeneration of beta cells. Moreover, the extract decreases the level of blood fats and, in particular in diabetic and pre-diabetic persons thus decreases risk of atherosclerosis development. GLUCOSORBEN does not exert any side effects.

Contains no sugar, starch.

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