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PU-ERH Tea 20x1.75g

PU-ERH Tea decreases the cholesterol level in the blood stream.

Manufacturer: PANGEA TEA S.R.O.

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PU-ERH Tea 20x1.75g

Description of product PU-ERH Tea 20x1.75g

PU-ERH Tea - this brand of tea is exceptional in many ways. The applied methods of processing and withering result in the exciting matured taste. The chemical processes that arise during processing give this tea a lot of beneficial substances which then have positive effects on the human organism.

PU-ERH Tea - the tea reduces the cholesterol level in the blood stream. Every fourth person, and, in the age group over 45, every third person, suffers from the increased cholesterol level in the blood stream. The tea undergoes two processes of fermentation, and it is the process of oxidation in which the most efficient substances are formed. Their effects on the human organism are better than those provided by numerous expensive medicines. This tea is grown in China, in the Jiun Nan Province. The tea has a special clayey taste and aroma which may dissuade many users from drinking it regularly, however, the health benefit is enormous. The tea also assists in treating various digestive tract disorders and diseases of respiratory organs. It is my opinion that this tea is the Number One as far as the health benefits of tea are concerned.

The scientific knowledge about physiological effects of tea on a human organism has been acquired owing to the research activities conducted in numerous research and medical institutions in Japan, China, France, Germany and the USA. This knowledge which might have been merely anticipated in the past is nowadays becoming verified and confirmed by modern research and scientific methods.

The PU-ERH Tea is grown in China, in the Jiun Nan Province. The tea was named after the regional town Pchu Er to which plucked leaves used to be delivered from the surrounding mountains in order to be further processed. The PU-ERH leaves come from broad-leaved tea trees called "ta-jie" (i.e. a broad leaf). The specialists believe that these trees are more closely related to the archetypal ancient tea trees that existed in the Pre-Glacial Era than to the present-day trees /shrubs of narrow-leaved varieties. The experiments carried out at University Hospital of Kuan Ming showed that the PU-ERH Tea reduced the cholesterol level by 17%, and the triglyceride level by 22%. These results were supported by researches from St. Anne's Hospital in Paris who confirmed that this brand of tea could assist in reducing weight, and decreasing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood stream. Scientific studies conducted in two universities and one medical institution in Japan resulted in the findings that the PU-ERH Tea compared with other brands of tea had the best effects in reducing the cholesterol level. According to the report presented by the French researchers at a conference on tea in Paris, their experiment included 20 patients with an extremely high lipide level in the blood stream. During the experiment, these patients were drinking three cups of this brand of tea a day during one month and then their lipide level dropped by 25%, whereas other brands of tea did not show any similar effects. The scientists of the Kuan Ming University Hospital insisted that the PU-ERH Tea had better effects than the widely used medicine Clofibrat and, moreover, tea drinking did not cause any side effects. The PU-ERH Tea was awarded the international prize at Barcelona Conference in 1986. The flavour of PU-EHR Tea is usually said to be well-balanced. Nevertheless, people who are not accustomed to drinking this brand of tea may be surprised at its "musty" or perhaps "clayey" after-taste which is rather strong. This unusual flavour, however, is highly appreciated by real tea lovers who admire the extraordinary quality and health benefits of this brand of tea. We recommend to drink from three to five cups of this brand of tea a day. Our Tea Room offers the PU-ERH Tea either in a loose form sold by weight or in tea bags. Preparation: Put a tea bag into a pre-heated mug/pot, bring the cold water to boiling point and pour it into a mug/pot. Let steep for 3-4 minutes.

20 tea bags(reduces the cholesterol level)
Guarantee period : 728 days
Storage and distribution conditions :
temperature 25oC a humidity 70%
Country of origin : Czech Republic

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