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MAM Dudlík Original 16+ měsíců

MAM MAXI Ulti pacifier with silicon nipple.


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MAM Dudlík Original 16+ měsíců

Description of product MAM Dudlík Original 16+ měsíců

Why are MAM pacifiers so unique?
We have worked intensively alongside leading scientists to find the reasons that MAM pacifiers soothe, and what advantages that they have.

  • MAM Pacifiers have a symmetrical, orthodontic, soft and flexible teat.
    The soft flexible teat individually adapts to each jaw and gently draws inwards while sucking. Deformations and poor tooth positions are prevented, unlike with thumb sucking and conventional pacifiers. Therefore the MAM Pacifier contributes to the correct jaw and palate development - and can not be put into the mouth incorrectly, which happens frequently with asymmetric teats.
  • MAM Pacifiers have large ventilation holes and, in addition, all ULTI Pacifiers have a uniquely dimpled shield.
  • MAM Pacifiers have a symmetrical, anatomical shield
    MAM Pacifiers thereby optimally adapt to the face. During soothing the shield offer pressure through the lips to the front teeth and therefore reduces the tendency of curved teeth.
  • According to age, there is a MAM Pacifier in the correct size for your baby.
  • All MAM Pacifiers have a grip-button.
    MAM Pacifiers are easy to grip and are comfortable for the baby in every position.
  • MAM Pacifiers have been developed in close collaboration with pediatricians, orthodontists and top-designers. MAM Pacifiers are used by children and grandchildren of doctors around the world.
    MAM Pacifers conform to all international standards and requirements of neu european standard EN1400. Rigorous tests of every single MAM Product ensure a premium quality.
  • Colours and motifs of MAM Pacifiers are adapted to the current baby fashion.
    As MAM Pacifers are prepared not only for use, but also for pleasure, we place a high regard appearance.
  • MAM Pacifiers are valued by birth clinics and by satisfied parents worldwide

Ideal for babies from 16 to 36 months.

Silicon nipple.

We recommend that you wean your baby off pacifiers before the age of 3 years. MAM would like to help you with our ''Weaning-off story'' (see Interactive, Stories, ''MAMPI'' a pacifier story).

Product Features of ULTI

  • ULTI pacifiers do not have a wrong side. Symmetrical shields and nipples guarantee that MAM pacifiers are always in the correct sucking position and therefore help to avoid malformations.
  • The soft orthodontic nipple and the symmetric shield design are adapted to the child´s age as well as to the shape of the mouth and therefore offer maximum comfort. Skin irritations are prevented by the large ventilation holes which allow air to circulate and dimples on the inner-side of the shield which allow saliva to run off.
  • Up-to-date colours and printed motifs are developed together with child psychologists and designers.
  • Pacifiers with button knobs rather than rings are also comfortable in the prone position (in accordance with the SIDS recommendations - see the relevant chapter - we recommend that baby is only put in the prone position when he or she is awake).
  • The button knob is easy to grip and allows the compatible pacifier keeper to be easily and securely attached.

Do you know that the packaging for ULTI pacifiers doubles as a storage and travel case?

  • Ideal storage and travel case for all MAM pacifiers to transport them hygienically and to enable them to be easily found in your hand bag.
  • Two separate compartments mean that used and clean pacifiers can be stored completely separately.
  • The unique snap open/shut mechanism makes it easy to open and close.
  • Easy to clean (dishwasher proof) and sterilize by conventional methods, such as boiling (2 mins), microwave and steam sterilising.

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