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Selen Forte cps.60

A food for special purpose enriched with the food supplements.

Manufacturer: NATURVITA A.S.

Price: € 2,70
€ 2,35 without VAT 15%
Selen Forte cps.60

Description of product Selen Forte cps.60

One package contains:
18 g = 60 tablets

Contents of the food supplements:

  g/100 g mg/tbl % RDD
Selenium (Se) 0,017 0,05 *
Vitamin E 1,00 3,00 30
( % RDD = covering of the recommended daily dosage by one tablet in %; * - RDD is not issued)

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant an important free radicals quentcher. Free radicals are electro-chemically imbalanced molecules or atoms which have impaired electrons in their system.They acquire the missing electron from their surroundings. This makes them highly aggressive chemicals, ready to react with cell components causing them permanent damage and triggering degenerative diseases such as cancer or atherosclerosis. Thus selenium defends the body against other lethal diseases like atherosclerosis. Selenium is further known for its ability to bind the heavy metals like lead and cadmium which are present in spoiled air.

For the income of selenium is necessary the sufficient presence of vitamin E in the intestine. That is why the tablets are fortified with this vitamin. The dose of vitamin E is calculated only to enable the income of selenium and not for the covering of the full recommended daily dose.

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