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Zinc Forte cps.60

For the promotion of the hormones production.

Manufacturer: NATURVITA A.S.

Price: € 2,10
€ 1,83 without VAT 15%
Zinc Forte cps.60

Description of product Zinc Forte cps.60

One package contains:
18 g = 60 tablets

Contents of the food supplements:

  g/100 g mg/tbl % RDD
Zinc 4,00 12,0 80
Vitamin B6 0,53 1,6 80
( % RDD = covering of the recommended daily dosage by one tablets in % )

Zinc is an important component of a series of enzymes which affect vital functions. Zinc favourably influences organism´s management of sugar and is therefor the foundation for so-called glucose tolerance factor, cooperating with insulin attached to decreasing glucose content in the blood.

Zinc increases the resistance to virus infections and has a direct relation to the treatment of skin defects. It favourably affects the treatment of tumours and gastric ulcers. A better capacity of memory was observed in children when their food was enriched with zinc. Zinc is effective in releasing vitamin A from the body reserves, it influences the kinetic of neutralization of alcohol in blood.

The sufficient presence of vitamin B6 - Pyridoxin - is helpful for the intake of zinc.

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