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NIVEA Visage Q10 oční krém 15 ml

Reduces existing wrinkles and prevents your skin from new wrinkles with unique Q10 Energy complex.

Manufacturer: Beiersdorf s.r.o.

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NIVEA Visage Q10 oční krém 15 ml

Description of product NIVEA Visage Q10 oční krém 15 ml

NIVEA VISAGE is face care which visibly enhances your own beauty because it offers efficient solutions which are working in harmony with your skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Q10PLUS Eye Care

To reduce existing wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles your skin needs to constantly repair damages in its deeper layers. For this process the skin needs sufficient energy. But with age the skin is loses the ability to produce and store this energy adequately. As a result wrinkles can no longer fight wrinkles effectively.

The NIVEA VISAGE Innovation:
Scientists at NIVEA Laboratories have now developed the unique Q10 Energy Complex composed of skin’s own actives. This new Q10 Energy Complex activates skin’s energy metabolism to continuously power the skin’s own anti-wrinkle processes. Thus, the skin’s ability to fight new and existing wrinkles is enhanced - for a proven wrinkle prevention and visible wrinkle reduction around the eyes.

The delicate area around the eyes becomes visibly smoother and more supple. The perfume-free light, caring formula is easy to apply and quickly absorbed.

How does it work?

  • The skin’s own actives of the unique Q10 Energy Complex penetrate deeply into the skin stimulating the production of skin’s own energy to repair damages in the deeper layers of the skin.
  • To prevent new cell damage the skin is additionally replenished with its own energy micro-depots, thus enhancing skin’s ability to store sufficient repair energy and instantly release it when needed for fighting wrinkles.
  • Specially formulated for the delicate eye area the UVA/UVB protection, in combination with Vitamin E, protects from sunlight induced pre-mature ageing.

What does it mean for your skin?

  • With regular usage the formation of new wrinkles is continuously prevented deep down.
  • Using the cream regularly existing wrinkles are proven to be visibly reduced within 4 weeks.
  • Your delicate skin around the eyes is protected from sun light induced pre-mature wrinkle formation.

Skin type:
daily high performance anti-wrinkle care for the delicate eye area for all skin types

Beauty Advice:

  • After cleansing and removing all make-up apply a small quantity of cream on the outer part of each eye away from the nose and above the cheekbone and gently dab the cream towards the nose. This light movement helps to firm the epidermis and to prevent tear sacks and puffiness.
  • For optimal and continuous anti-wrinkle efficiency, we recommend you use this cream in combination with NIVEA VISAGE Anti-Wrinkle Q10PLUS Day Care and NIVEA VISAGE Anti-Wrinkle Q10PLUS Night Care for night by night regeneration.

NIVEA VISAGE Philosophy:
Our philosophy is that all our products reflect latest scientific findings, are highly effective and are developed to work in harmony and synergy with your skin to make it beautiful inside and outside.

Skin and eye compatibility dermatologically and ophthalmologically approved.

Suitable for wearers of contact lenses. Fragrance-free.

Patent pending technology.

15 ml

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