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SPORTOVKA TYPE "B" warming 180g

SPORTOVKA is a modern massage and regenerative preparation designed for short-term massage and auto-massage of high-performance sportspersons and normal users.

Manufacturer: JUTTA

Price: € 3,61
€ 2,98 without VAT 21%
SPORTOVKA TYPE "B" warming 180g

Description of product SPORTOVKA TYPE "B" warming 180g

Due to the balanced ethanol, glycerine, aromatic compositions, functioning substances and water content, the massage results in optimum skin conditions and increased resistance to microbiological effects.

SPORTOVKA is excellently balanced by its aromatic character, suitable composition and special aroma and invokes a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

SPORTOVKA is a massage solution used either alone or in combination with EMSPOMA massage emulsion, where for individual types, it increases the effect of the functioning substances.

It has the effect of promoting blood circulation and warming. It is applied in preventive massage against spasms and coordination defects. Not suitable for the face.

Packaging: 180 g

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